S Mone'


FIR innovation helps deliver the key ingredients addressing multiple sighs in three skin layers.


Clear Plus Natural Facial Soap

This product give soft foam with special formula that is plentiful of skin nutrients in one product. You can feel its effectiveness since starting to clean your face because it will make your face soft, smooth, and firm with its extracts helping to reduce the cause of blemish as well as leaving moisture and brightness to your skin naturally.


S'Mone Claire Elastin

New innovation for facial cleansing. Elastic Foam and fine bubble foam help to reduce the friction when touches on faceand also it can pull dirt out from face. Elastin foam helps to protect elastin under the skin. Elastin is the importance component that make the skin to be strength, flexibility and firming.


Grace Aura Brightening Cream

Grace is high-performance brightening formula cream including Whitening Complex that make your white skin, reduce dark spots and Fucogel that helps boost collagen. Dermaveil helps moisturizing skin and skin looks younger.


Delicious Sunscreen

It is an innovation of sunscreen that has been developed to provide light crème without giving any sticky feeling. It can be absorbed to skin immediately with efficiency of sunscreen effect from triple action technology helping to absorb and scatter sunlight while protecting your skin from UVA and UVB efficiently.


Matatabi Mineral Face Wash

Mineral water Cleansing, gentle formula without irritant substances including surfactants, colorants, preservatives, perfume, alcohol andoil that can be used for all skin types and gentle for sensitive skin.


Perfect Foundation SPF 25 Pa +++

Silk protein foundation Japan with fine texture, long-lasting adhesion to the skin and skin protection with SPF 25 PA +++


Waterproof Liner

Perfect liquid eyeliner with long-wearing film formula provides more than water resistance and sweatproof properties but also unique deep black color. Its sharp brush offers an intense


Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (Black)

Soft like feather touch makes the pencil simple to draw.


S'Mone Lipstick 03

Matte finish, soft and smooth texture, waterproof, ultra-pigmented


Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

S mone’ Perfect Eyeshadow Palette


Perfect Blush Duo

A duo of velvety-smooth colors that deliver full-pigment color, and blend to a perfect finish.


Fairnezz Smooth Silky BB Foundation SPF25 PA+++

Silk Protein Foundation Cream from Japan


Fairnezz Soft Matte Powder Foundation SPF25PA+++

Foundation Powder, help smooth the skin and control oiliness during the day.


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